Thursday, February 28, 2008

cut out all the theory.


So this post won't have much to it...
I apologize. Am I running out of steam already??
I'm just drawing a blank for a feature artist.....

oh wait a sec..

I'm checking out the Floukids and Swedens Lo-Fi-Fnk at our local mega-club CiRCA this Friday.
Should be a spectacle...I'm looking to be impressed, I'll be honest.
I'm going to judge these guys on a much more brutal scale than I would for oh, say, a certain MSTRKRFT, not for any "hometown heroes" biased opinion, but because I know they aren't much for a killer show. (*Side note for MSTRKRFT: Playing DP's entire song "Too Long" and passing it off as you mixing tunes - not cool.)

But Lo-Fi-Fnk became everyone's new favorite accent-electro group with the tune "City" sometime awhile ago and right now they are planning on hitting up Vancouver, I'm guessing on the same clock as while they are in Toronto. They'll also be hitting up New York, San Fran and Mexico City in the same breath.
Lucky boys!

Wake Up (Ola Salo Remix) - Lo-Fi-Fnk
A.D.T - Lo-Fi-Fnk
City (The Teenagers Remix) - Lo-Fi-Fnk

ohhh...and I get to enjoy some nice Chicago house this friday too...Dj Heather.. oh it's been a while hasn't it?!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Melbourne does it better.

If it weren't for this particularly debilitating hangover I would write a proper entry, worthy of the topic at hand.

Cut Copy.

I caught their live gig in Camden last week (but unfortunately missed the one at Fabric where they shared the bill with Simian Mobile Disco and 2 Many DJs!). They are touring around, creating some excitement for their new album Ghost Colours which comes out April 8th. They finished their set with the new track Lights and Music to the sheer delighted of the rather unorthodox crowd.

One thing worth mentioning about the gig, and a questions which perplexed me for the entire night, was why my beloved Cutters were the opening act for the "grindie" band Hadouken! My only guess is their affiliations with Kitsune and the claim that after this tour the youngsters are trading in their guitars for synths. It seems they are eager to jump on the ill-fated nu-rave wagon and using their massive (Atlantic) record label budget to place them in the best place possible, next to Modular talent.

Don't miss your chance to see the boys when they tour North America in the next couple months. Because seriously, I haven't met someone from Melbourne who I haven't adored and these two are no exception. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

just another shrimp on the barbie..?

I think not.

Australia is definitley on everyones buzz list these days.
Appropriatly so, a gajillion and three tune and culture blogs have emerged from the land down under, making it hard to be remotely individual and standout.
Charly Banana, over at SYDNEYSOUNDER has found a happy medium between serious quality artist and remixes and fun visual stimuli and culture tidbits.

Please see his recent chart displaying the Vibe Level/Deliciousness of the recent artists Mr. Banana check out at Australias Good Vibrations 2008 show:

And now, 2 of my current favorite Aussies music makers ...

My People (Damage Edt) - The Presets (website)

The Girl You Lost to Cocaine (Sander Van Doorn Remix) - Sia (website)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dolby Anol

Photo: Rachel Bevis, Live at Ghetto, London

I would say these guys are the best up-and-comer of the year, the only problem being: they have already arrived!

The dirty Glasgow duo have been making their rounds in the UK under the Tiger Bass Label, with a sound that is hard, banging and fantastic live. Their originality is refreshing since these days everyone else is trying to sound like their favourite French (or French-Canadian even) electro veterans.

SO now that I warned you about these guys, I won't feel so bad when they blow up in your face this year. Enjoy these treats you dolby anol virgins.

Friday, February 15, 2008

love /was/ in the air...

it was valentines day yesterday.
i was working so i hadn't time for the missus.

as tradition goes, a mixtape is one of the sweetest gifts a person can give.
it's truth of love and passion comes out melody, harmony and lyric.

there are a few tunes from the tape i was/am putting together for the person i cho-cho-chose.

Moto Boy - Young Love

Thomas Bagalter - Love

Hot Chip - We're Looking for a Lot of Love

Van She - Here With You**

** - personal very very favorite song oh geez it just makes me well up every single time could there even be a more perfect song in the world???

Monday, February 11, 2008

one, two, check, check...

is this thing on?

Here's the new and hot from London town.
The Slips. 
You're going to love them.

Hanging up their Producer hats for the moment these boys have taken to the tables, already being deemed the next Digitalism. 

They just released their debut album, "Girls At The Back Up" on the I am Sound label.

They play in London at the end of March and again in April after entertaining the northerners for awhile. 

I particularly love Superbeat and the title track Girls At the Back Up...
 but I know you all love remixes so I threw in their CSS one.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

anything but flat.

Ever since Flat Beat came out with that adorable little electro-muppet in 1999, I've been a fan of Mr. Oizo. Lately he's been keeping a slightly higher, yet modest profile teaming up with the likes of SebastiAn as well as remixing some Calvin Harris and some Scissor Sisters to have that french chunk feel to it.

plus a whack of other shit.

here's a few tunes kiddies.

Kiss You Off (Mr. Oizo Remix) - Scissor Sisters

Patrick 122 (Calling In Sick Remix)- Mr. Oizo

personal fave:
Chivers as a Female - Sebastien Tellier, Mr Oizo & SebastiAn

Thursday, February 7, 2008


while i'm waiting 9-10mins for my microwave sheppards pie, I will take a minute to reflect on a favorite group...




Back of The Van - Ladyhawke
Embrace - PNAU featuring Ladyhawke

just dreamy.