Thursday, February 28, 2008

cut out all the theory.


So this post won't have much to it...
I apologize. Am I running out of steam already??
I'm just drawing a blank for a feature artist.....

oh wait a sec..

I'm checking out the Floukids and Swedens Lo-Fi-Fnk at our local mega-club CiRCA this Friday.
Should be a spectacle...I'm looking to be impressed, I'll be honest.
I'm going to judge these guys on a much more brutal scale than I would for oh, say, a certain MSTRKRFT, not for any "hometown heroes" biased opinion, but because I know they aren't much for a killer show. (*Side note for MSTRKRFT: Playing DP's entire song "Too Long" and passing it off as you mixing tunes - not cool.)

But Lo-Fi-Fnk became everyone's new favorite accent-electro group with the tune "City" sometime awhile ago and right now they are planning on hitting up Vancouver, I'm guessing on the same clock as while they are in Toronto. They'll also be hitting up New York, San Fran and Mexico City in the same breath.
Lucky boys!

Wake Up (Ola Salo Remix) - Lo-Fi-Fnk
A.D.T - Lo-Fi-Fnk
City (The Teenagers Remix) - Lo-Fi-Fnk

ohhh...and I get to enjoy some nice Chicago house this friday too...Dj Heather.. oh it's been a while hasn't it?!


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Gay for Disco said...

Good call on the Teenagers remix, it's the best one. Lo-Fi-Fink played at Club Motherfucker ages ago.

Waaaay ahead of you!