Tuesday, February 19, 2008

just another shrimp on the barbie..?

I think not.

Australia is definitley on everyones buzz list these days.
Appropriatly so, a gajillion and three tune and culture blogs have emerged from the land down under, making it hard to be remotely individual and standout.
Charly Banana, over at SYDNEYSOUNDER has found a happy medium between serious quality artist and remixes and fun visual stimuli and culture tidbits.

Please see his recent chart displaying the Vibe Level/Deliciousness of the recent artists Mr. Banana check out at Australias Good Vibrations 2008 show:

And now, 2 of my current favorite Aussies music makers ...

My People (Damage Edt) - The Presets (website)

The Girl You Lost to Cocaine (Sander Van Doorn Remix) - Sia (website)

1 comment:

Banana said...

wow, cheers girls....
but now i feel like my little postage of you was rather pathetic.
damn - outshined once again

i'll keep the links to two.birds coming