Sunday, February 24, 2008

Melbourne does it better.

If it weren't for this particularly debilitating hangover I would write a proper entry, worthy of the topic at hand.

Cut Copy.

I caught their live gig in Camden last week (but unfortunately missed the one at Fabric where they shared the bill with Simian Mobile Disco and 2 Many DJs!). They are touring around, creating some excitement for their new album Ghost Colours which comes out April 8th. They finished their set with the new track Lights and Music to the sheer delighted of the rather unorthodox crowd.

One thing worth mentioning about the gig, and a questions which perplexed me for the entire night, was why my beloved Cutters were the opening act for the "grindie" band Hadouken! My only guess is their affiliations with Kitsune and the claim that after this tour the youngsters are trading in their guitars for synths. It seems they are eager to jump on the ill-fated nu-rave wagon and using their massive (Atlantic) record label budget to place them in the best place possible, next to Modular talent.

Don't miss your chance to see the boys when they tour North America in the next couple months. Because seriously, I haven't met someone from Melbourne who I haven't adored and these two are no exception. 

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