Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Whitest Boy Alive.

With euro-dream names like Erlend øye, Marcin Oz, Sebastian Maschat and Daniel Nentwig you almost forget these hard-as-nails Germans are behind the fluffy plucked-pop sound on the singles and ep's that group The Whitest Boy Alive have put out.
This is where my extreme jealousy of the european continent kicks in, as they are currently only playing in Prague, Vienna and Munich and making their way to London in May.
Sadly, they apparenly had some US gigs lined up but they were cancelled for what I can only assume was bad ticket sales and not enough promo.
Starting off as an electronica band and slowing morphing into the experimental foursome they are now has been an interesting journey for the boys, but they come out on top most certainly.
I love the fluff.
Cheers to Justin Tyce for the nudge on these Germanians.

Burning - The Whitest Boy Alive

Burning (Krazy Fiesta Remix) - The Whitest Boy Alive

Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix) - The Whitest Boy Alive

Monday, March 24, 2008

Midnight "better when they're remixing" Juggernauts

Photos: Maria Akesson

Catching the Juggernauts on their maiden journey to the UK was too appealing to pass up. The performance was passable, but I expected more after the reviews from musically-spoiled Australian friends. I was definitely left wanting more... which probably wouldn't have been the case had I chosen to see the Neon Neon/Presets/Ladyhawke at Fabric instead.

At least I get to see Ladyhawke at the Camden Crawl.

Record available HERE

*note: support act the cazals do not live up to the hype, however ebony bones gets an A for effort despite the mediocre music.

Monday, March 17, 2008

only in my wet fuckin' dreams.

yah....this is something that happens in my dreams.
like really, who is monitoring my thoughts and making this shit come to fruition for me to enjoy?

holy shit.

that's all.

Ladyhawke - Back of the Van (Van She Tech Turbo Fire Engine Mix)

One more bird...

Sexy 21st century disco.
Enjoy the new recruit! Newly-landed from LA, Sam Sparro is back in London turning dance floor heads all over the city.

He's the supporting act for Adele (the new Amy) this month and I am welcoming the new talent with open arms.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

in her pole.

2 boys meet at New York University.
They make music.
They meet another student that likes new wave shit like Joy Division.
Then another boy comes along and the boys get keyboards and a new dynamic.
Greg leaves and is replaced by Sam.
The boys start touring and land themselves on the BBC in London.
Signed in 2002 and eventually opening for the likes of Robert Smith and the Cure and doing recording sessions with the famed John Peel.
Their music has been described as "achingly beautiful, exlpores emotion...but never ever plays the blues"...

Interpol has been one of my favorite guitar bands for a while. Maybe the smokey, shrill voice of Sam Forgarino or heartbreaking note architecture that gets to me. Either way, I've found myself walking in the rain, lipsynching to Obstacle 1 on more than 8 occasions.

Obstacle 1 - Interpol

The Heinrich Maneuver (Phones mix) - Interpol

Untitled (Datasette version) - Interpol

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last Gang Records

   Photos: Rachel Bevis

In the true spirit of this Toronto/London marriage, Crystal Castles is a perfect topic to fall upon. Insanely popular in the UK at the moment, these Canadians are due for some love from back home. Is there something about a girl screaming into a strobe light that doesn't do it for you?

New album out March 18th. Pre order here. Most anticipated album of 2008? We'll see!

Now a few of my favourites...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

nothing remotely terrible

Sometimes I get a little happy-go-lucky (usually at 1am) and find myself enjoying the sweet melodies of stuff that sounds like billy joel, stevie nicks, and some sort of sweet magical creature from a Terry Gilliam movie.
The perfect marriage of a casio and a drum beat.

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Canada.
I've listened to this song five times on repeat.

Shame is on your Side (Official Demo) - Terrorbird

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

bloody well good.

Hard. Hard. Heavy Hard.
These guys remind me of curling and shit...
Bloody Beetroots have been the Italians churning out the hardest remixes the past year and a bit. They somewhat perfected (if not improved) the side-chaining production effect that the French made famous, making all those chunky beats throb at the sound of a bass thump.
Gotta say I wasn't a fan at first - sometimes it can get a little to strobey-rave for me, believe it or not. I guess being the unwavering fan of a good remix that I am, these guys have won me over slowly but surely.
And it makes sense that I love them, as their main influences stem from cartoon sounds and bleeps and bloops from soundtracks and movie scores (love them!!).

see below, please and thanks:

She's A Maniac (BloodyBeetroots remix) - Michael Sembello

Lick My Lennon (Bloody Beetroots remix) - Crookers

FUNK (Bloody Beetroots remix) - Etienne de Crecy

Pistols and Hearts (Bloody Beetroots vs. Captain Phoenix) - Captain Phoenix

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Short and sweet.
Or maybe it's tall and awkward.

Either way, today is about Brooklyn based talent HERCULES AND LOVE AFFAIR! We are (virtually) celebrating their single BLIND which is released today through DFA.

Their album follows suit in a week and there is plenty of motivation to BUY as bonus material abounds! Word is they are playing this Saturday in Camden. An extra special bonus is that they will be back in the UK at the end of this month and then again in June. Check the flyer above for the DJ set in Vauxall at Horse Meat Disco.

The music reminds me a of a better time. A time of good House. Dreamy and accessible.

(note: big thanks to my friend Emli for turning me on these guys)