Wednesday, March 5, 2008

bloody well good.

Hard. Hard. Heavy Hard.
These guys remind me of curling and shit...
Bloody Beetroots have been the Italians churning out the hardest remixes the past year and a bit. They somewhat perfected (if not improved) the side-chaining production effect that the French made famous, making all those chunky beats throb at the sound of a bass thump.
Gotta say I wasn't a fan at first - sometimes it can get a little to strobey-rave for me, believe it or not. I guess being the unwavering fan of a good remix that I am, these guys have won me over slowly but surely.
And it makes sense that I love them, as their main influences stem from cartoon sounds and bleeps and bloops from soundtracks and movie scores (love them!!).

see below, please and thanks:

She's A Maniac (BloodyBeetroots remix) - Michael Sembello

Lick My Lennon (Bloody Beetroots remix) - Crookers

FUNK (Bloody Beetroots remix) - Etienne de Crecy

Pistols and Hearts (Bloody Beetroots vs. Captain Phoenix) - Captain Phoenix

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Banana said...

didnt have the captain pheonix mix... yummy.