Thursday, March 13, 2008

in her pole.

2 boys meet at New York University.
They make music.
They meet another student that likes new wave shit like Joy Division.
Then another boy comes along and the boys get keyboards and a new dynamic.
Greg leaves and is replaced by Sam.
The boys start touring and land themselves on the BBC in London.
Signed in 2002 and eventually opening for the likes of Robert Smith and the Cure and doing recording sessions with the famed John Peel.
Their music has been described as "achingly beautiful, exlpores emotion...but never ever plays the blues"...

Interpol has been one of my favorite guitar bands for a while. Maybe the smokey, shrill voice of Sam Forgarino or heartbreaking note architecture that gets to me. Either way, I've found myself walking in the rain, lipsynching to Obstacle 1 on more than 8 occasions.

Obstacle 1 - Interpol

The Heinrich Maneuver (Phones mix) - Interpol

Untitled (Datasette version) - Interpol

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