Monday, April 7, 2008

your prada ain't shit.

So, now more than ever I've been more proud than ever to call Toronto my home, what with the talent that has been spewing out of here lately. We've got people like Sta, VND/LSM totally setting the bar high for the dj/producer types and acts like Thunderheist and the much rejoiced Crystal Castles changing how we watch live shows.

I'm currently enamoured with a group named DuoTone.(CLICK THE NAME FOR THE MYSPACE LINKY!!) These guys have taken our idea of sexy, smooth disco rock vocals and slapped it over the chunkiest synths, surprisingly doing all their own vocals, aside from the remixes of course. You can tell they love throbbing bass as much as the next blackcrack junkie and when this shit eventually gets pressed you know it will be better than anything you're hearing digital, although they are definitely marketing to the Serato dj with high quality mp3 files being leaked (but only leaked to me!!!!), as we all know where dj'ing is heading these days...
I'd give my left metaphorical nut to hear this shit on a proper system.
Get 'em while they're hot cuz these shits be EXCLUSIVE!

If I had my way Camera Girls, would have been spread around like a VD at Studio 54 by now...

Lets get the ball rolling, shall we?

Camera Girls - DuoTone

CYOA (DuoTone Remix) - Heartsrevolution

Devils Playground (DuoTone Remix) - Theory in Motion


Anonymous said...

does duotone have a myspace?

Not Adam said...

That guy on the right is incredibly handsome.