Thursday, May 8, 2008


So I'm playing at CiRCA again this Friday (tomorrow)
If you squint you can see my name there, Fawn Big Canoe.
My second time in the venue and having a bigger hand in the deal than last time, I decided to invite my friend Matt (Hatchmatik).

Chicago will be in the house that night too as we feature The Beat Freakers.
Two extremely talented guys, will be destroying the turntables as usual.
These guys are such purists, word has it they've JUST decided to make the leap to Serato.
All the best boys.

Seeing as how I'll be playing the upstairs and seeing as how we had the room at capacity + last time, I've been combing through what seems like trillions of mp3s.
Came across a tune by SymbolOne that brought me back to when I would spend hours in the record shops, my feet hurting from standing, my back aching and ears throbbing, then suddenly finding that one "OH!" record.

here it is for me tonight..
don't judge.

Love Juice (Moulinex Remix) - SymbolOne

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