Tuesday, August 19, 2008

cool like that....

Toronto, Toronto, Toronto....
What fine fine producers you keep spitting out. Look at you, going and showing the world we aren't a bunch of eskimo-pies living is igloos and wearing red-flannel. (Although, it is dreadfully trendy right now.) We know how to remix the mega-hits, we know how to create original ghetto bass and rap, and now that audio programming software and computers are available for less than a cup of coffee a day (you can feed a child with that too hmm!) we have Joe-Know-How's making delicious beats and sample-heavy tunes from within the confines of their bedrooms....or poolside, if you have wi-fi.

Up and coming local hero TT is making his way through the blog-sphere right, doing what any smart bedroom producer would do and shopping this shit around like their's no tomorrow.
Check it out and love or hate, let him know.... right here.

Stereohereos - Washout (TT remix)

TT - Ceramic Shuffle

EMF - Unbelievable (TT remix)

Digable Planets - Rebirth of Cool (TT breaks edit)

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I've got secrets said...

i like that unbelievable edit... no down it would be amazing to play out!