Tuesday, August 5, 2008

unlike life.

Annie, Sia, Shapeshifters, Sneaky Sound System, Alan Braxe, Thomas Bangalter, Van She and a bajillion other artists all go to this respectable Parisian gentleman for the best electro and big room remixes.
I've been playing this tune at least a once a week and I keep finding more and more reasons to love Lifelike.

Like the retro loving house gods of yesteryears (see: Mylo), we experience a wall of sound using chunky side-chained bass lines that stay away from the overly abrasive electro sounds we're kind of, well, getting used to. He's like French, but not too French!

Since it's laundry night and I am physically sore from being in the beautiful city of Montreal over the long weekend I'm only posting two tracks.
I'm sorry...?

Lifelike - In My Car

The Energies - Born Again Runner (Lifelike Remix)

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