Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Way down south

The other day I saw a lady with a bag that said: Canada is cool, literally.

If these are the kind of fashion statements we are making, then I am making my South Africa is hot bag tomorrow.

S.A. is the new hot spot for churning out massive electronic/booty/funk tracks. Their remixing is hard and rhythmic, dance-inducing and just generally sexy music.

Check out this mix from Cape Town's ORLANDO DOOM. Notice the Thunderheist track and the last track which is Cape Town's Sweat.X, remixed by Purple Crush.


the chemical brothers – hey boy hey girl (soulwax remix)
the black ghosts – anyway (fake blood remix)
thunderheist – jerk it ( JOTS remix)
muse – knights of cydonia (ocelot remix)
switch – every second counts (ocelot remix)
snowden – between the rent (the glamour remix)
the bumblebeez – rio (boy 8-bit remix)
bloc party – mercury (herve is in disarray remix)
sweat.x – jack (purple crush pussy scheme remix)

Sweat.X start their European tour off in London on September the 5th at Fabric. One look at the videos on their myspace page and you'll want to be in that crowd.

To quote them, "This dance ain't for everyone, only the sexy people. So all you fly mothers get on out there and dance."

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