Tuesday, December 2, 2008

fresh from the Mansion...

Fresh off the laptop of the latest and greatest Toronto (Ontario, Canada...fool.) producer/ dj extraordinaire is a cheeky take on the moderately untouched Louis La Roche tune "Get On Down" -

Violca Mansion (nee Helder) has been manically churning out tracks along side a personal local fave of mine, Barletta, for the better part of what...5, 6, 7 months now..geez.
They still seem so fresh and new every time another track comes out.
The great part is they happily dole out their tunes like lollipops to eager children - and the kids simply love it.

a simple sample for now..
I'll do a much bigger piece later on friends...

Get On Down (Violca Mansions After-Party edit) - Louis La Roche

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