Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bit The Bullet.

So, I finally cracked and decided to try and churn out a little mix set to shop around because I totally don't have the $$ to buy fancy production equipment and start pumping out remixes ....

...I hope these little fun sets will keep you entertained long enough until I can.

-15 Plus Windchill Mini-Mixes
by FBC

Set 1 (21min:15) Tracklist:

Local Girl (Shoes mix) - Adam Kesher
Circuit (Aeroplane remix) - David Rubato
Lovin' - Edwin Van Cleef
LIPS - Charlie, Why!
Follow Me ft Annie (Lifelike Remix) - Ercola
Humanitarian (The Twelves Remix) - Zeitgeist

(about a minute of quiet between to reflect on your thoughts)

Set 2 (26min:36) Tracklist:

Free To Ask (Body Language Exclusive) - Matthew Dear
Sound of Da Police (Riva Starr Rechunk) - KRS One
Chopper (Dopamine Remix) - Twocker
I Can't stand It - Chesus and Rodski
We Can't Be Stop'd - The Yank
Bathroom Gurgle (Tomski * Fredboy Remix) - Late of The Pier

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