Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So this guy, DJ MANAIA, from Portugal decided to mass email a bunch of people his mixtape and some original chainsaw kinda shit...
not too shabby.

Everyone posted his fidget tune "Pull Up (Rave 2009)" and "Fatty Girl V.02", a hybrid baltimore-hard electro potato mash.

I like the part when he calls the girl fat...

At any rate, I noticed that almost NO BODY posted the Mr. Oizo remix he effortlessly tacked onto the end of the email...
Maybe nobody else got that far....?

Keep the mass emails coming.

Postif (DJ MANAIA re-edit) - Mr. Oizo

(ps. the guy in the photo above is TOTALLY not the guy I'm posting about, although he DID have his picture in his personal myspace gallery...soo..

i dunno....)

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