Saturday, February 28, 2009

Capetown's music scene is still booming., abundantly stocked with producers, artists and most importantly kids who want to dance. 
Venture out on a fantastic European tour is Sweat.X's offshoot Playdoe. The group's philosophy is to keep their hip hop light, fun and fresh, inspired by early 80s legends in the field.

Playdoe perform their last of two London gigs tonight at Play it by Ear Club with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Brooklyn's Cubic Zirconia.

Enjoy these 3 downloads to get you in the mood!

A mix from Cubic Zirconia, tracklist as follows:

cubic zirconia- i wanna freebase you
cubic zirconia- dick for a day
chase and status- eastern jam
cubic zirconia- josephine
claw- jersey shore guidos
curses ft maggie horn- the deep end
bucketheads-the bomb instrumental
cubic zirconia- the phone
tyrees- acid crash
cubic zirconia- fuck work (proper villians/ jubilee remix)
dj class ft lil jon- i'm the ish
cubic zirconia- secret bonus track

And for a treat, another mix from Orlando Doom, the man who put me on track when it comes to South African Electro...

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