Tuesday, July 7, 2009

been a while old friend...

So this summer so far has been...memorable.
A lot has happened.

I'm still standing. (barely)
Music doesn't sound too sweet these days but home-grown Canadians, Junior Boys, have managed to find my eardrums, pick them up out of the darkness and send them in a new, positive and resolved direction.

I'll just say that I love you (blog) and I promise to never do this (not write) again.

...so Junior Boys, a relatively new-ish album (Begone Dull Care) that recently caught my attention at a friends dinner party. I think we had rented plates...at least I hope we did.
After a few glasses of Penfolds the low, constant pulsation of Parallel Lines hummed its way through the conversation and into my head.
Think Erasure, but slower, sexier and less churchy.

Parallel Lines - Junior Boys

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