Tuesday, January 26, 2010

oops, i did it again....

I went ahead and made another mix set this month...sheer boredom over taking me.
That and there are finally tunes out there that I want to listen to again and again and again until my ears bleed...some old, some new.

so here are a few tunes i put together after taking a lot of dayquil and eye drops....

Gap Commercial - A Mix Set - Fawn Big Canoe

heeeeyyyy tracklist...

F.I.R - &Me
Music 4 My Soul - Agent Stereo
Cccry - FFFAIR
Jumpin and Pumpin (Dubble Dutch Remix) - Edu K
Stop Crying - Joey Chicago
Grand Steppin' - Ducksauce
Make Up My Mind - SKingz
I Took The Night (Act Yo Age Remix) - Chelley
I'm Down - Mommas Boy
Train To Bamako (Canblaster Remix) - Myd
Jack Track (Audiofun Remix) - Tonka
Searching (Mam Remix) - WebQueawry
Quicksand (Boy 8-Bit) - La Roux
Mona - Lil' Tony
Keep it Raw - San Proper
Whole Life (Original Mix) - Oxia
What Happened (Max Cooper Remix) - Abe Duque and Blake Baxter
Bofe De Elite - Mastiksoul

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